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Are you dealing with tax problems due to inaccurate filing, IRS audits, or missed tax payment? Eliminate the stress of threatening IRS notices with tax resolution services from Richard A. Barber, CPA, PA. Our wealth of knowledge regarding taxation and auditing helps us help you regain favorable status with the government in no time. Our experienced CPA Richard Barber has the tax expertise to guide you and your business get back on track. We have a policy of transparency with tax concerns, and ensure our clients grasp the reasons why we do what we do.

A CPA with Tax Experience in Winter Springs

Tax problems don’t just go away, they require a prompt and well-prepared response. Often, the longer one waits to handle tax issues, the more complex they become. IRS communication can be threatening and anxiety-inducing, and it can be daunting to tackle tax challenges on your own- instead, enlist the help of Richard A. Barber, CPA, PA.

Richard Barber has 37 years of experience helping folks in Winter Springs navigate the tricky waters of taxation. He works tirelessly to resolve even the most complicated tax problems, always prioritizing efficiency and discretion. Richard A. Barber, CPA, PA will navigate all IRS negotiations on your behalf, ensuring compliance and minimizing your liabilities.

Comprehensive Tax Management

The goal of our tax resolution services are to help you fulfill your obligations to the IRS. We do so through thoughtful planning and personalized advice. We make individualized recommendations based on what we believe will be the best course of action for each client’s individual circumstances. Along the way, we strategize methods for you to make accurate and timely returns moving forward.

Once we grasp the complexities of your circumstance and understand your individual needs, we implement our detailed resolution strategies. Often, our tax plans involve offering a compromise or agreeing to accept a penalty. Whatever avenue we choose, know that it was a deliberate choice with your financial well-being in mind.

Resolve Your Tax Issues with Richard A. Barber, CPA, PA 

When dealing with the IRS, every move counts. Start with a smart move and enlist the help of Richard A. Barber, CPA, PA. We understand exactly how to work with the IRS. We are knowledgeable of how the IRS operates and thus aware of how to make appropriate compromises that will both satisfy the IRS and our clients. You can trust your finances and your reputation are in good hands with Richard A. Barber, CPA, PA.

If you or someone you know are in need of tax resolution services in Winter Springs, look no further than Richard A. Barber, CPA, PA. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please give us a call. We look forward to working with you.

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