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Estate Planning in Winter Springs

An estate is the summation of all your physical possessions and records of non-material assets. What this means is that your vehicle, checking account, home, and even prized heirlooms all form your estate. Effective planning ensures your assets are appropriately distributed when you are not present to oversee the process. At Richard A. Barber, CPA, PA, we help a wide variety of clients in Winter Springs gain a comprehensive sense of their material worth and develop a strategy that will ensure a positive legacy.

Establishing Legal and Accounting Support

In addition to establishing effective plans for individuals’ estates, we organize your estate planning team and put clients in contact with legal professionals when necessary. We listen to all your concerns and questions and work with you to identify your needs. Together we determine what form of trust will best benefit your finances and whether investment is a good option.

Testing Your Trust and Estate Against the Future

The plan developed for your finances is tested against possible life events. We look at the likelihood of declining market values, major health issues, and increasing tax rates to ensure that you can respond properly if these transpire.

We use top-of-the-line modeling software to determine the best plan for your estate and how to handle your personal finances. Once your trust has been set-up, we work to ensure that taxes do not absorb it and that it is implemented effectively, so your estate is largely preserved.

Maintaining Your Finances

When it comes time to execute your trust, Richard A. Barber, CPA, PA maintains continued support to ensure that your assets are properly managed and invested, decreasing issues associated with probate. We provide ongoing accounting and financial planning assistance, making it possible for your wealth to adequately provide for your family during your retirement or in your absence.

If you or a member of your family is hospitalized or requires hospice care, a well-structured estate plan also ensures that you will be able to maintain their affairs without straining other resources. Our estate planning services preserve financial stability, regardless of what life presents you. When it becomes necessary, we are even able to restructure your estate to meet your current financial needs.

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